The One Who Made Red (TOWMR) is an interactive text-based thriller/supernatural romance loosely based on the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood except for a bit queerer and with a few more twists. This story will be made in Twine!

It is based in a small village named Rose Bud that resembles medieval times, you will build relationships along with exploring this world made from twisted fairytales. Follow my Tumblr Blog for weekly updates on this project! 

This project is still a work in progress and will update as I finish each chapter. 

CONTENT WARNINGSthis story will contain elements that may trigger or make some audiences uncomfortable. Including gore, violence, mentions of death, possible sexual content. All romance options are humans.


The Story

People in your village have gone missing. They’re gone for days or even weeks but they all return in one place.

The Oakcaster Thicket. The forbidden forest. Someplace that nobody in their right mind would be found in, but your people were found there.

In pieces.

You felt helpless as you were merely a clothing tailor. Fear was something people around you had gotten used to, like rain from the sky, they merely moved through it.

Though some hoped that The One In Red would save them. But you knew they wouldn’t dare show their face to your people. Not after what they did.

You had started losing hope.

But one day when two mysterious figures wander into your shop, questioning you about what you know about the monster in the woods.

Things in your world keep getting pulled apart.

Good thing you are used to stringing things together to get the bigger picture.

The question is, however, do you want to see what this picture will make?


The ROs

THE WOLF (M/F/NB) one of the strangers that wandered into your shop….they go by Muriel/Malia/Maren.. you’d guess by their attitude they would have a stoic face, but it’s hidden behind a carved wooden mask that resembles the animal their title holds. They look at everything in your village with disdain and caution. But maybe with you, their cold brown eyes will finally fill with warmth.


…was the one who started this mess….few even know their name is Sherwin/Sayua….the moment you met them, they always seemed mad. Insane or just simply angry it’s either-or. But that day was years ago when they wanted their cloak mended. But now your search for The One In Red has started, maybe you can finally get those answers you wanted about the monster in the woods. Their dark skin and piercing eyes are familiar in your memory.


… also known by many in your village as….Barnett/Bernadette Idoya…one of the few who escaped the clutches of the monster in the woods, who is also your best friend. You've known each other for all your life. They have made it their mission to help you and everyone around the village live an easier life. Their round faces fit their perfect toothy smile. Though maybe there's something darker in those warm eyes you've grown so used to.


What to expect

  • Play as male, female and nonbinary!
  • Choose your sexuality including; bisexual, gay, straight, lesbian, asexual, demi-sexual and poly-sexual
  • Romance three ROs! With the tropes of enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, and more! (Can’t pick between them? Then romance all three!)
  • Not into romance? Then find your platonic soulmate in the village of Roses Bud! Get tropes like found family, platonic soulmates, etc!
  • Explore the horror and beautiful monsters in this twisted world of fairy tales!
  • Customize your MC's background, appearance, and family life!
  • Try to keep your sewing business from running into the ground.
  • Talk to a mouse!
  • Uncover the real reason why The One In Red disappeared…
  • Where will this tale take you? Will you save everyone or will your fairy tale end in shambles?

Welcome to the tales of...The One Who Made Red.

If you wish to support me, my Kofi page is here. Any feedback is welcome. 

Updated 28 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction
TagsFantasy, Horror, LGBTQIA, Romance, Story Rich, supernatural, Thriller, Twine


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I need more….more……more…

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👀 can't wait to read more, really loving this so far, also very excited to meet the rest of the characters (+ customize the MC).


I'm glad you're looking forward to the customization of the MC! You'll get to play around with a bit of it in chapter one ;)


I can romance ALL of them????? I am going to follow this whole way through because my love is boundless and I CAN FINALLY SPREAD ITTTTTT. :)

I send tons of love towards this. I can't wait! :DD

Thank you so much for the support!! I cannot wait to share the quad poly route with you^^ <3


So happy i came across this😭 loved every bit of it. The atmosphere, the setting. It's all just -💖💖💖 cannot wait to read what happens next!

You have no idea how happy this makes me! I’m so glad you like it so far! You’ll definitely get to see more in chapter one ^^ 💜


The demo! The cliffhanger!! I'm so excited to see what happens next!!! I am so proud of you and your work, and I can't wait to be able to play more. The story so far is absolutely *chef's kiss** and the atmosphere,,, ahhhh-- the tension and everything about the characters introduced this far  is making me so excited!!!!!!

ah thank you so much! I cannot wait to share more with everyone in chapter one!! 💜💜